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We have now enrolled Auchenblae Golf Club on the Central database of handicap (CDH)

For the majority of our members, this will have little importance, but for members who regularly play competitions at other courses this will help you.

This means that every member has been allocated with a unique ID number which means that when playing in Away competitions, players can simply give their ID number to the club and they will be able to check your handicap.

As long as players know their ID Number, they should not have to carry a valid handicap certificate, as this in time will replace that.

For more information go to

How your golf handicap is adjusted

Golf handicaps are divided into 5 categories as shown here, each of these categories has a respective buffer zone that is used to assess whether or not a handicap should change. The table below displays the categories.
Category Handicap Range Buffer Zone Reduction per Shot Increase per Round
1 0.1 - 5.4 +1 -0.1 +0.1
2 5.5 - 12.4 +2 -0.2 +0.1
3 12.5 - 20.4 +3 -0.3 +0.1
4 20.5 - 28.0 +4 -0.4 +0.1
5 28.1 - 36.0 +5 -0.5 +0.1

All members should note that should they wish a record of their past season’s scores, they should contact the handicap


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